Every homeowner has entertained the idea of stone kitchen countertops at some point during their homeownership. Stone countertops are trending and they’re a trend that is here to stick around. Just 20 years ago finding a home with stone countertops was a rare commodity, fast forward to today and stone countertops are dominating the market. The problem every homeowner seems to run into is: Can I actually afford stone countertops?

Trust us, they can be expensive but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it or can’t be purchased at a discount. You have dozens of options when it comes to stone, and looking at your investment in the long run may show that an extra couple thousand dollars today will be well worth it in the future. 


So can you afford stone countertops? Let’s find out

Today we are going to be straightforward and show you the real numbers for various stone countertops. Enough sneaking around and enough hiding little fees and markups. Here are the real numbers for various sized kitchens with various stone materials. Don’t get scared, further down we will give you some alternatives if stone countertops are a little bit out of your reach as well as help you understand why stone might be worth the investment. 

Here is a new software that we are using on our website that allows you to obtain an instant quote (within 5 minutes or less) for custom stone counters. Watch the short video to see how it works and let’s see how much your new stone counters will cost! 


Get a quote in 5 minutes or less

Build you dream kitchen above and see how much it will cost. 

Here are just some baseline prices for quartz or granite countertops. 

The average cost for a quartz countertop material and installation ranges from $50-$90 per square foot.

The average cost for a granite countertop material and installation ranges from $65-$100 per square foot

But are stone countertops worth the investment?

Now you might be looking at the price you have to pay for a new quartz or granite countertop and saying: is it worth it? 

The answer really depends. It depends on you, your lifestyle, your home, the neighborhood you live in, how long you are planning on staying in your home, and tons more. We wrote a post a few months back answering exactly this question. 

In the post we cover the four questions you must answer and help you make a well educated decision. Take a look at the post below before moving on to the more affordable alternatives that we will show you below. 


I can’t afford Stone Countertops, what now? 

You still have plenty of options on how to make your kitchen more stylish and modern. Maybe using stone isn’t the best option for you anyways, so don’t be disappointed. Here are some of your options. 


Granite or Ceramic Tile

Real granite stone, but much much more affordable. Not as popular as a stone slab or as seamless and beautiful (according to some) but still stylish and durable. A large cost saver when it comes to granite tile is not only the product cost but installation as well. If you know what you’re doing you can install a granite tile countertop yourself in a weekend. The cost of the granite itself is only $7-$15 a square foot, much less than a typical $30-$50 a square foot slab. 

Granite isn’t the only tile that you can use, you can experiment with ceramic tile. Find a pattern and color that you like and go for it. Ceramic is also durable and stylish. Not to mention more affordable than a natural stone slab. 

A big downside to ceramic or granite tile countertops that must be noted is difficulty to clean when food or liquids get into the grout lines. It’s much easier to clean a flat surface than one that has connections every 12 inches. 

Here are a few great looks that can be accomplished with granite or ceramic tile

Ceramic Tile Counter by  www.thekitchn.com

Ceramic Tile Counter by www.thekitchn.com

Granite Tile Countertop, found on  www.houzz.com

Granite Tile Countertop, found on www.houzz.com

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