Keep your Floors in Tip Top Shape this Holiday Season!

We all know how hectic it can be during the Holiday Season. Friends and family always coming and going, kids and pets running around. We all have that one family member that we kindly ask not to scoot back in the chair yet he does it anyways denting, and scratching the floors! Even if we put aside the fact that some of your friends and family may damage your floors, what happens when they show up and your floors are already beat up or just plain dirty. Nobody likes to show off dust or dirt… and neither should you. This week we will give you some tips for flooring upkeep before the holidays and methods to prevent damage so you can breathe easy when the party starts. 


How to make your floors look great before the Holidays!

We will just assume that the majority of you have hard surface floors in your main living area and go from there. The biggest problem with hard surfaces is dust, the darker the color of your floors the more dust will show. A precaution most homeowners forget to take is regularly mopping and vacuuming their floors. We all know that vacuuming our carpet is important because it retains tons of dust and allergens but we don’t think of our hard surface floors the same way. Regularly vacuuming your hardwood, lvt, vinyl, and laminate is just as important. 

Follow these three steps

Vacuum: Pick up all of the dust, dirt, and grime off of your floors. Existing dust and dirt on your floors is the culprit behind damage. Once you have tons of foot traffic and furniture moving around, dirt rubbing against your floor will cause premature wear and scratching. 

Mop: No, it's not dead. A vacuum can only pick up a small amount of dirt and dust and often times doesn’t actually pick up much at all. It is recommended to mop your floors in high traffic areas at least bi weekly if not more often. Here is an awesome post by The Creek Line House on how to mop correctly. Believe me this will save you tons of time! How to Mop Correctly

Bona Hardwood Cleaner available at Divine Hardwood & Stone in Portland, RO

Add the finishing touch: Lastly we recommend throwing in a little bit of a hardwood cleaner (maybe even instead of mopping) to add that last touch. Try some of this Bona Hardwood Cleaner we have available for sale in our showroom. 





How to prevent damage?

The biggest danger to your floor during the holidays is scratching, moving chairs, a myriad of shoes, claws if the dogs come over, and crashing toys as the kids run/play all over the place. To avoid this you really only have a couple options... but it is possible. 

Felt under furniture: Shifting furniture (be it chairs, tables, etc) cause damage. The best way to prevent this is using felt pads. Rubber and other materials works as well, but felt would be the winner for best functionality and protection. Here’s are some great felt pads from Lowes: Felt Pads for the Holidays

Area Rugs: You know those high traffic areas… the place where everyone will spend the most time. It would probably be a better idea to place an area rug temporarily in that location and have that destroyed rather than your precious floors, right? Just a few places to consider placing a rug; entry way, kids rooms, dinning room (under chairs and table), kitchen (you can use rubber mats). 


Scratched up hardwood floors

What if my floors do get damaged? 

What if it happens? Sometimes you just can’t prevent it. Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world just yet. If your floors do end up getting some damage this Holiday season there are tons of hardwood and laminate repair kits. Just search for some on Amazon and you will find tons. We don’t particularly recommend one, so shop around and check reviews to find the one that will help bring your floors back to their original state. 

That’s about it, last piece of advice: don’t sweat it. Enjoy your time with family and friends, that’s what the Holidays are for. Do take steps to attempt preventing damage but don’t go overboard. If it happens, it happens, you can fix it later. 


From all of us at Divine Hardwood & Stone we would like to wish you a great Thanksgiving and a Holiday season filled with Peace, Love, and Joy.