Floors on a budget: 4 options for those not looking to spend a fortune

Everyone want’s something new, something fresh! As a homeowner you are probably consistently seeking ways to improve your home. Where the vast majority of homeowners drop off and quit their project is when they shop around and see the costs associated with it. Did you know though, that there are affordable solutions that don’t have to break the bank. 

This week it’s time to take a look at 4 flooring options for those NOT looking to spend a fortune (it’s possible). 

Before we begin: it’s important to know your budget, your needs, and your limits (you can’t do everything yourself sometimes you need to hire help). 

Setting yourself up for success is important: don’t just bite on deals that sound good, don’t go over your budget without spending time thinking about it and researching, and know how much extra cost is associated with the project before you begin (tools, labor, preparation, etc). 


1. Laminate Flooring

Starting from the most inexpensive, laminate flooring might be a great option for you if your budget is $1.25-$2.00 per square foot. 

Although we advise you to be very cautious when purchasing laminate flooring product as often the quality of the laminate is terrible. Generally anything under $1.00 a square foot or under $1.25 with pad is most likely not going to last. 

Laminate flooring is not like it was before, with ever advancing imaging technology you can find laminate floors that look and feel exactly like real wood (but costs much less). 

Do it Yourself installation is also an option when it comes to laminate flooring. If you have a hand for do it yourself projects and pick things up quickly you shouldn’t have a problem installing laminate correctly (with the help of Google of course). 

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2. Luxury Vinyl Tile or Sheet Vinyl Flooring


Next on the list comes LVT and Sheet Vinyl. Although sheet vinyl isn’t an ideal material for a large area but more suited for a bathroom or a kitchen, LVT can go practically anywhere. 

Did we mention sheet vinyl and LVT are two of the best possible materials for homes with children or pets. Vinyl is water resistant and scratch resistant, standing up to damage on a daily basis. Unlike any other flooring material vinyl can withstand much more of a beating. 

Sheet vinyl starts at just $1.00 per square foot for good quality product and can also be installed yourself. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of adhesives and tools as well. 

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Luxury Vinyl Tile starts at $2.50 per square foot (also for good quality product) and can also be installed by an amateur. We have an LVT type just recently posted on our online store that has an adhesive backing which allows for a very simple “press and place” installation. Simply prepare the surface underneath (remove debris and dust), peel the adhesive backing and place unto the floor: That’s it! 

LVT is a great choice for almost everyone, your friends and family won’t even be able to tell that your floors aren’t real wood. 

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3. Engineered Hardwood

Although this one is a bit more expensive it may still be more affordable than you expected. Engineered hardwood is a worthy investment, as it will last much longer than a laminate or vinyl floor and is made of real wood. 

If you would like to know the difference between engineered or solid hardwood read this blog post: 

You can find engineered hardwood for as low as $2.50 per square foot, depending on the style and look of the wood finding engineered hardwood at this price is a great deal. 

Here are some of the engineered hardwood flooring options we have on our online store starting at $2.86 per square foot. 

4. Porcelain Tile

The goal here today was to find flooring products that cost less than $3.00 per square foot and there exists porcelain tile that matches this criteria. Although a large cost with tile is generally installation, if you know how to install tile yourself this may be an affordable flooring option for you. 

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