Every few years trends change and what seemed to be all the hype 15 years ago is frowned upon today. In the flooring industry much has happened in the last decade, and we want to share with you what is in style as well as what no longer is not. Helping you choose only the best material, color, and style. Today we will focus on hardwood flooring. Hardwood boosts selling prices of homes, especially in today’s booming market. Make sure you know what’s in style to ensure your home will sell fast when that time comes. 


For the higher end look: go with a gray or white washed finish. This is all the buzz in 2016, the gray color provides a cool atmosphere in any room and has an elegant touch to it that says high end material. Many homeowners are refinishing their current hardwood flooring with water borne poly to achieve the gray look with their current wood. Gray is a contemporary look that is used in many modern homes, as it can be paired with any neutral color to create a tone of stability and even peace. Darker gray colors are perfect as a backdrop to accent another color. High contrasting colors can be used in the furniture or walls to create any ambient effect you desire. A plus side to using gray, is you can achieve any tone or atmosphere you wish. Gray can be used for rustic, contemporary, and traditional effects, or even blends of multiple. You can’t go wrong in 2016 if you choose gray hardwood floors. 


Similar to gray, darker hardwood has also been rising in popularity. Mainly due to the bold backdrop it creates for accenting other colors. You can use dark hardwood to create almost any atmosphere in your home. Bold white, compliments the deep dark hardwood, as does a bright red. Any vibrant color can be contrasted with the dark hardwood to build an atmosphere that is unique to your taste. 

Word of caution: darker hardwood floors are more difficult to maintain and clean. The darker it is the more prone it is to showing scratches, nicks, and blemishes. Steps can definitely be taken to overcome occasional damage, but requires more attention than a lighter hardwood would require. If you do opt for darker colors, do not get a glossy finish. Not only is gloss out of style in 2016, gloss on a dark hardwood reflects tons of light making every scratch and blemish highly noticeable. 

Although if you aren’t striving to create an elegant high end look but are rather seeking a rustic feel. Dark hardwood may be perfect with a weathered, distressed, or hand scrapped look that has a rough feel to it. If that is the style you are going for you don’t have to worry about scratches and blemishes because it will only add to the rustic effect you seek. 

High shine and gloss finishes should not be used.

In 2016 you will find that the most popular hardwoods are satin or matte finished with low shine. The more shine or gloss the wood has the more imperfections and blemishes will be reflected. Satin and Matte finishes show less of these blemishes and are thus easier to clean and maintain. Homes with pets and children should also only go with low shine hardwood as it will show less footprints and general wear & tear. Generally you will no longer see high shine glossy finishes used in a residential context anymore unless the wood is exotic. 

Wire brushed wood for the rustic effect

If you are striving to achieve a weathered look consider wire brushed hardwood. Wire brushed or hand scrapped hardwood enhances the wood grain. The wire exposes the grain of the wood taking off the soft layer on top. This effect creates a worn, old looking floor which compliments a home striving to achieve a rustic look. Wire brushed hardwood is much less of a worry when it comes to pets and kids. Since the wood is already worn minor additional scratches wont stick out like they would on any other hardwood material. 


Wide planked hardwood is the new vintage

Wider hardwood planks are trending in 2016, anything over 5 inches is consider a wide plank. Going for a rustic look will not be the same if you get every piece of the puzzle right but use narrow planks. Gray or dark hardwoods are a must for a rustic effect, as is a low shine finish with maybe a wire brushed effect. Wide planks finish the puzzle creating an unforgettable look. 


A few more key tips

Simplicity is trending, don’t try to overdo it. In todays day and age simplicity is king. Don’t try to create intricate patterns or use exotic grains or high end finishes. Ensure you get the highest quality material that is uniform and will fit the style of your home. General rules to follow: the wood must be the same color, same grain type, going the same direction, throughout the home. 

Strive for a uniform look that you love and you won’t go wrong!