4 Reasons Laminate Flooring is Trending, Jump on Board!

You might have noticed, laminate flooring is all the hype in 2016. We completely justify this hype, laminate really has been stepping up it’s game and is definitely worth the attention (and the cost; seriously it’s cheap). Our aim isn’t to convince you to get laminate… we will warn you however that you might do just that. We gave you a heads up, proceed with caution. 

Here are the four reasons laminate flooring is trending this year!


Can it get any cheaper? 

We get it, laminate is not the real thing (if you’re going for a wood look). It’s a manufactured product that is made out of compressed fiber board and a thin layer of photographic imaging that creates the wood look under a protective clear layer. Yet, comparing apples to apples laminate flooring is wonderful product for the price you pay. 

Laminate flooring is on average 50%-70% less than the cost of a solid pre-finished wood floor. A high quality laminate floor with a true to life wood texture and grain will last for 25+ years (with a manufacturer warranty) for under $2.50 per square foot. 

Don’t believe it’s that affordable? 

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Insane Quality

Time to destroy some misconceptions and myths about laminate flooring. In the last few years alone the quality of laminate products has dramatically improved. With the introduction of 3D imaging (which gives a true to life wood look; we will get to this in a second) the wear layer on the laminate (usually 7mm-12mm) is printed all the way through. Bottom line being: if you scratch or dent the laminate you will not ruin the look… the pattern underneath will be just the same as the surface, masking the dent or scratch perfectly (one thing solid hardwood lacks). 

It’s not a surprise that manufacturers are offering decade long warranties on laminate products. Most laminate products that we carry at Divine Hardwood & Stone have a 20-30 year warranty on wear, fade, and stain. What’s even more surprising is the fact that many solid hardwoods (the real thing) only come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty. Go figure! 

Another common concern when choosing flooring is the complicated issues that arise when water or moisture makes it’s way onto your floor’s surface. Until recently the only options a homeowner had for bathroom or kitchen flooring was vinyl, linoleum, or tile. Wood or laminate based products were and are strongly discouraged in wet areas. With the introduction of water resistant laminates, homeowners have the option of using one product type all throughout the house (including bathroom and kitchen). Water resistant laminate makes cleaning a breeze, allows for worry free living (for those with pets and young kids), and costs much less than tile and only a little more than regular laminate. 


Indistinguishable from real wood

Already mentioned above, laminate is manufactured using a 3D imaging technique that translates a wood look onto the surface of the laminate in multiple layers. Laminate floors no longer appear two dimensional but rather have an added depth to the image, as well as a texture true to a real wood fell. Running your fingers along the grain of a laminate board will demonstrate the true to life feel of the laminate. Currently, wide planks in darker colors with a hand scraped finished is a trend for solid hardwoods. Laminates copy this same exact style and even match the hand scraped features of the wood. No gloss, no shine, rather wood texture, wood fell, and even little dings and nicks. 

It’s difficult to explain in a blog post just how great it looks, stop by a local flooring store or showroom and see for yourself. If you’re located in NE Portland, stop by our showroom and we’ll show you multiple laminates and let you compare it to some real wood. 


Laminate Flooring is easy to install yourself

DIY Paradise: Easy Installation

You read that right, floating laminate flooring is by far the easiest to install. While solid pre-finished hardwood is practically impossible to install yourself no matter how much do it yourself experience you have. The design of the majority of laminate floors in 2016 are clip & lock, allowing for simple installation and removal. It’s almost like playing lego’s, but for adults. Laminate does not require any adhesive nor does it need to be attached to the subfloor (floating laminate). Just remove the previous flooring and ensure that the subfloor is clear of any debris, is smooth and you’re good to go. Quick, simple, and a dream come true for those wishing to do it themselves. 

Imagine the savings… Brand new floor that looks exactly like real wood, lasts decades, is waterproof, super durable, simple to install by yourself, and costs just half as much as a solid hardwood floor! 

Are you going to be the next homeowner that chooses laminate flooring? We won’t tell anyone, so go ahead!

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