Best Home Improvement Projects to Complete During the Winter Season

Many homeowners think that remodeling projects are for the spring, summer, and fall seasons… however that isn’t entirely accurate. Interior home improvement projects are great for the colder winter months. It’s dry indoors, the kids are at school, and it’s dark cold and gloomy anyways so it’s not like you have plans that a remodel will get in the way of. 

We would argue that interior home improvement projects are actually perfect for the winter months. Contractors typically have less work between November through March therefore they are willing to offer lower rates (helping you save money). If you’ve been putting off some projects for a few months right now might be a great time to consider getting them done. 

Convinced? Here are 5 home improvement projects that are great for the winter months. 


Kitchen Backsplash

Spice up your kitchen with a new backsplash

The most prominent piece of decor in a kitchen or at least one of the most noticeable is the backsplash. Although this is the most inexpensive item of decor in the kitchen it stands out the most. 

It’s the cherry on top of a ice cream sundae (if we’re speaking kitchen design). If you are looking for a way to spice up your kitchen and create a masterpiece but are on a strict budget consider looking into a fresh tile, stone, or glass backsplash. 

A typically kitchen will need approximately 18-25 square feet of backsplash material. With a little bit of prior tile setting experience you can either attempt to install this tile yourself (we don’t recommend this if you’ve never done it before) or you can hire a professional installer to do it in about 1-2 business days.

The material cost will run you anywhere from $250 (20 sqft) for some quality glass tile to about $500 for some natural stone material. 

Installation costs for a mosaic backsplash ranges from $600-$900 (but depends on many other factors as well). 

Take a look at some of these popular glass backsplash mosaics that you can use on your new kitchen backsplash. 

updated bathroom

Update a bathroom/powder room

A bathroom or powder room remodel is a great way to freshen a part of your home up. If you haven’t done any improvements on the main floor powder/bathroom (that all the guests use when they’re over) it’s probably a great idea to work on that first. We don’t know why but for some reason bathrooms leave a lasting impression with people. If you’re inviting someone over to your home we bet you want them to be happy they came by right? 

Well here are a few simple things that you can do to improve your main level bathroom this winter and make it beautiful. 

Get a new stone vanity top: Granite, Quartz, or Marble… any one of these materials will make your bathroom vanity look remarkably more attractive. Updating a bathroom vanity will cost you between $800-$1,000 with sink included. 

Install tile flooring: A fresh new floor will compliment your new stone countertops well. If you still have sheet vinyl or linoleum in your bathroom, or even some old/outdated tile… it’s a great idea to look for something new. The material for the tile itself is very affordable with prices as low as $3 per/sqft (which you don’t even need that much of). It might be a great idea to consider changing those floors in that bathroom after all. 

Repaint the walls: One of the most noticeable elements of a room are the walls. You can do so much with the color and design to transform any room from boring to glamourous. 



hardwood install

New Hardwood Install

Did you know????? Installing hardwood flooring in the winter is actually more favorable and a better idea than installing it in the summer!!!

The cold winter air actually helps keep the moisture in the air down and installing hardwood floors when there is low moisture is more favorable. This will cause less gaping and shifting. 

A new hardwood floor will also help insulate your home much better than an old floor meaning more warmth retained in your home. Extra comfort for you. 



painting projects

Painting Projects

Winter is the perfect time to knock out some of those interior painting projects. During the summer months it is very difficult to find a painting contractor that has availability. However during the winter months outside work is generally limited to weather meaning painters are available for interior work and have lower rates than in the summer. 

Repainting some of your rooms is a great way to boost the morale in your home. A fresh new color is the quickest way to make it seem like you’ve changed a lot. Pairing a repainting project with some furniture rearrangement and you’ve practically got yourself a whole new home. 

Some trendy colors to consider… darker colors such as browns & grays for rooms with bright furniture/floors/trim. Light gray or tan is also trendy for rooms with darker furniture/floors/trim. 

Considering a painting project? Request an estimate from Paint Portland here. 


redecorate your home


Last project that you can do entirely by yourself is redecorate. With the gloomy cold weather you’re going to be staying indoors much more often. It will get boring seeing the same thing over and over again so why not redecorate? 

Start small, no need to be extravagant. Tired of your light fixtures? Go find some new ones that match your home better and are more energy efficient. Rug is getting worn and old? Go find a beautiful and cozy new one. Same goes for everything else! 

Dining tables, couches, chairs, desks, curtains, blinds, so much more. To keep yourself busy look and entertained look for ways to make your home more and more homey. This way you’ll also wow all of your guest during the holidays. 

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