In the home improvement industry affordability is key. When you’re dealing with projects with a cost that is in the thousands, not being price conscious is dangerous. At Divine our goal is always to offer the absolute best quality product at the most affordable rate. 

Price however does in fact reflect on quality (obviously)… so what if money is not a factor? What if you are looking for the trendiest, best looking, high quality product and don’t mind the price tag? Here are our recommendations… all of the suggested products are yes expensive, but no, not overpriced. 


Reclaimed/Rustc Looking Hardwood

In terms of style… aged wood flooring with character is the winner. The reclaimed hardwood look is as scarce as finding the perfect wood that has the necessary character and size and then being able to sand it, finish it, and stain it to the desired look is not only a tedious process but is a rare find. 

We have heard stories of homeowners going to great lengths to find the most perfect wood for their floor. Some classic examples are cases where an old oak barn (from the late 1800’s) was disassembled and the wood was shipped cross country, cut to the ideal plank size, refinished, clear coated, and installed in a high end home. 

Making for a beautiful story and epic history. Knowing the fact that for the last 100+ years the very wood on your homes floor has had a unique story like no other is phenomenal. Wood never forgets, the character and grain off wood absorbs the age and adds rather than subtracts. 

Have you ever noticed how the seemingly beat up hardwood floors never get replaced in a local coffee shop? It’s not that they can’t be replaced, it’s the fact that they shouldn't be. They have so much history and character, every imperfection is beautiful and appreciated. 

Same goes with reclaimed hardwood… if you love a great story, you’ll love a reclaimed wood floor. 

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Pricing: It’s actually impossible to accurately estimate the cost of a genuine reclaimed hardwood floor. It mainly depends on where you are sourcing the wood from. If you already have a location in mind and wood available it may be much less expensive than paying someone to source it for you. 


Generally the price breakdown comes as follow: 

Cost to obtain quality wood material: $10+ per square foot (depending on source)

Cost to install reclaimed wood: $2.25-$4 per square foot 

Cost to sand, finish, and cut reclaimed wood: $4-$6 per square foot

Total Cost: $15+ per square foot


European French Oak Hardwood

While we are on the topic of hardwood, another one of our personal favorites is European French Oak. Much more accessible and significantly less expensive than reclaimed wood. 

What’s the deal with European oak though? What makes it that much more desirable over regular oak for example? 

It’s all in the cut… 

European oak is not only unique because it’s sourced from France or Germany, it’s also unique in how it’s cut. Using a square cutting approach the wood look comes with a much tighter grain that is boasted in a wider plank 7”+ inches with very unique grain patterns never before seen on American grown oak. 

In the last decade European Oak has become one of the most desirable materials for flooring and we are seeing more and more high end homes utilize this product. 

The European Oak that we carry at Divine is all engineered product. Engineered hardwood is much more stable than solid wood and with the amount of character and variation in European Oak it can be unstable and result in tons of movement resulting in a potential crack or warp hazard. 

Here are some of the European Oak products that we carry ranging from just $7 per square foot to $12 per square foot. 


High End Porcelain or Travertine Tile

Historically tile has always been a favored building material for high end or luxury homes. Travertine dates back as a building material from thousands of years ago even before the Roman Empire. Sourced originally from Italy Travertine is now exported from Turkey, Iran, and even Mexico. 

Travertine is most often found in light brown/gold colors and has a character of an aged look. It is a natural stone and unlike Porcelain often requires extra attention and maintenance. 

Nonetheless; both travertine and porcelain tile is a very much so desirable material for both flooring, walls, and other surfaces. Depending on the style of your home many different options are available. 

We have seen homes using only dark gray wall to wall square tile everywhere… creating a very modern look. We have also seen homes using travertine tile creating a rustic natural stone and Tudor look.


Travertine Stone Tile Flooring

Travertine Bathroom by

Travertine Bathroom by

Travertine Flooring by

Travertine Flooring by

High End Porcelain Tile that can be found on our Online Store

Wool Carpet

Although many would consider carpet as a material of the past… due to the difficulty of cleaning and the belief that it is an allergy inducer… but in reality these myths are mainly false.

Premium carpet does exist and it’s definitely a viable option for any luxury home.  

Patteneed Stanton Carpet Flooring... Coming Soon to our Online Store

Patteneed Stanton Carpet Flooring... Coming Soon to our Online Store

Carpet is not a flooring material that should be used everywhere but it is perfect for certain rooms: bedrooms, living rooms, and occasionally dining rooms. Compared to nylon carpet wool is much more durable and stronger. 

With new stain preventing technology brands such as stainmaster have been able to create beautiful wool carpet with intricate and stylish patterns that will take the wear and tear of daily life with a breeze. 

Premium wool carpet starts at $10 per square foot and can reach into the $20 range as well. 

All of the flooring options we listed above are available either on our online store or in our showroom. We love to help homeowners pick out beautiful materials perfectly fitted for their homes.

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