5 Tile Styles that are Cheap and Awesome 

Well home improvement projects are in full swing this year with thousands of homeowners scrambling to renovate and improve their homes. Some for resale some just for the sake of doing it, whatever the cause 2017 is definitely a great year for homeowners and home improvement professionals alike. 

With so many projects going on manufacturers have been competing with one another to provide the best quality material for the lowest possible price. As a homeowner this is exciting news, so it may be a good idea to take advantage of it. All of the tile in this post today is priced at under $4.50 per square foot. 

Below we highlight the 5 best looking and most popular tile styles that are also very affordable on any budget. 


Concrete Look

Concrete look flooring room scene Divine Hardwood & Stone

Tons of modern and contemporary homes are popping up left and right in Portland. A minimalistic urban style is most definitely in and thriving. High contrasting colors, dark grey’s and bright white’s are prevailing. Amongst all of this the concrete look tile is the most popular. A concrete tile look creates a cool clean mood. Easily blending with almost any accent color, it practically goes with anything.

Of course it is important to consider the style of your home when contemplating concrete tile looks. Certain older style homes just cannot incorporate a concrete tile look correctly and should not be forced too. Typically the best application for a concrete tile is a bathroom or shower wall. Since the bathroom is a whole separate room from the rest of the house homeowners can often get away with incorporating a different style in the bathroom that doesn’t necessarily match the rest of the home. 

The most popular tile size for both floor and wall in the concrete look is 12x24. Large format rectangular tiles are often easier to lay and create a nice almost seamless look.


Fabric or Linen Look Alike

linen tile flooring in room scene

A new trend that has recently surfaced has been the linen look tile. Linen tile has a textile like design in various different colors. Used most often in bathrooms and smaller rooms as a unique and unusual look. In the last 1-2 years linen tile has taken off quickly and tons of designers are recommending the product to homeowners. 

Linen look tile creates an impression of a contemporary style, with the way the tile pattern is printed homeowners have various options of how to position the tile top achieve the best look. The linen look tile that we carry is offered in various rectangular tile piece sizes such as 12x24, 6x24, and 4x12 which can be arranged in a few different layout patterns. 

With the 12x24 tile in any color starting at just $2.99 per square foot… and the more unique sizes starting at $3.59 per square foot.


Slate/Stone Look Tile

Slate and stone tile room scene

Unlike cement and linen look tile the slate/stone look has been around for much longer and is proven to stick around for a long long time. There’s just something about the stone look that is timeless. Stone was used as a building material for thousands of years and we continue to use it today. Although we have found inexpensive alternatives such as making porcelain tile look like stone and using that instead. Case being; the stone look has been around for thousands of years and is seen as elegant, it isn’t going out the door anytime soon and is a safe flooring choice. 

If you attempt to use natural stone on your floors you’ll end up spending 10x as much as you need to. Tile however is much more expensive and can replicate any look very well. Fortunately for homeowners stone/slate looking tiles are so popular that there are hundreds of options to choose from at practically any showroom. 

We carry various slate and stone tile products starting at just $3.25 per square foot.


Wood Look Tile

wood look alike porcelain tile room scene

This is also a tile trend that is guaranteed to stick around. With further advancements in printing technology we are able to replicate the look of wood on tile to the tee. Wood has also been a flooring material that has been around for hundreds of years. However homeowners continually run into durability problems with hardwood. Wood inevitably scratches and wears easily with constant use. Finishes wear off and water damage is a constant problem. 

The wood look however is the superior flooring look, which is why it is replicated with laminate, sheet vinyl, LVT, and now tile. Tile is a material that has the ultimate durability advantage as well as is the only material that can be heated from underneath. Originally tile flooring was considered significantly more expensive than any other material but today wood look alike porcelain tile with a hand scraped look and feel starts at just $3.99 per square foot. Less than the price of solid pre-finished hardwood. 

Of course factoring in installation costs and other materials it turns out to be about the same, it is still a tremendous privilege for homeowners to have the opportunity of selecting wood look tile over solid wood. 

Take a look at some of these wood look alike tiles currently on sale on our online store. 


Marble Look Tile

Marble look alike tile room scene

Last but not least porcelain tile that looks like marble is also a popular and trending option. Due to the proneness of natural marble to stain and etch manufacturers have been replicating the marble look with porcelain which is more durable. 

Marble is also an elegant look that has been used for thousands of years and is another style that is not going to be making an exit anytime soon. Marble however has been perceived as a more expensive and higher end material that is unaffordable for the average home. However again we would like to mention that tile prices have significantly dropped and colors and looks that used to be out of your budget are now more accessible than ever. 

Porcelain marble look alike tile comes in various sizes with both honed and polished finishes. Starting at just $4.05 per square foot for 12x12 tiles. 


All of these tile trends are in style right now and will stick around, all for under $4.50 per square foot. Tile is definitely more affordable than ever before and available almost for any homeowner. 

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