So much time, energy, and money is invested into a home improvement project you would think the average homeowner would do something to maintain that investment, right? However many homeowners do the complete opposite, without even knowing it. 

The things we put our floors through on a day to day basis seem harmless at first but these things can gradually cause irreparable damage. This week we will tell you how to stop ruining your floors by simply not doing these 6 everyday things. 



You know that annoying rug that keeps sliding all over the place? Why don’t you just put some double sided adhesive onto the bottom of it and solve the problem. That, is a recipe for disaster. If you haven’t done this yet but were planning on it, please don’t. The sticky adhesive which seems like a great easy fix to your problem is just the beginning of another. If you have hardwood floors, engineered hardwood floors, laminate floors, or almost any other type of floor the adhesive will stick to the surface and will be impossible to get off. 

It may seem like a great idea at first because of how easy it is to use, but in the long run it will result in sticky residue that will stay for good. Don’t even think of using harsh chemicals to attempt and remove the residue because that will end up causing even more damage than before. 

Here’s an easy alternative: you can invest in some of these Gorilla Grip pads that are relatively inexpensive but will do the job better than any sticky adhesive you may decide to use.


pets nails are bad for hardwood 


This is easily one of the most damaging thing to all types of floors (except for maybe tile). Pets nails dig into most surfaces easily, they catch on loose carpet fibers, they pierce low quality vinyl or linoleum causing scratches, tears, and disaster. Keeping your pets nails trimmed is the best way to prevent the above damage. It isn’t completely preventable especially with larger and more heavier dogs but precautions can be taken to prevent damage. 

Consider using area rugs in high traffic areas, opting for a more durable flooring material (such as a scratch resistant laminate, LVT, or some sort of tile), or simply make sure that your pets nails are always trimmed. 

In regards to debris, pets can bring in a lot of dust and dirt with them from the outdoors. Left unattended these particles will be detrimental to any surface. They will be dragged around, stepped on, caught in cracks and seams, as well as rubbed all over the surface being a potential cause for large scratch marks or early signs of wear. 

To prevent this problem ensure that not only are all your human friends wiping their shoes on the door mat before coming inside but also all of your animal friends. 

We published an article on Pets and Hardwood floors, take a look at it for further insight on the subject. 


furniture can cause flooring damage 


Did you know that it is actually recommended that you move your furniture around once in a while? Even though it may not be a homeowners favorite hobby, we recommend you do it at least once ever year or two. 

As much as you may hate moving your furniture around we actually recommend it. Periodically moving your dinning room table, couch, or heavy entertainment center to a new location will prevent your floors from developing deep ruts that are irreparable. 

If your room has a lot of direct sunlight access you will must move furniture around once every year or so because the uv exposure in certain areas will cause the floor to look lighter and faded in some areas and darker in the others. No floor is impervious to uv damage and discoloration and fading is a normal occurrence. Moving your furniture around will allow for a more even uv exposure to a larger area of the floor so you will have less contrast in the flooring. 

Not only will moving your furniture around result in longer lasting floors, it will also keep your home feeling always fresh and updated.  


dirt debris and moisture from outside will ruin your floors


Again with the debris and dirt particles. Be careful what you track inside, often we don’t think twice before coming right into our homes with damaging particles. This goes for pets and kids especially. After a hot day out kids will run right inside after splashing around in the water or rolling around in the dirt. By the time you realize what happened the damage has already been done

Which is why absolutely every home must have a welcome/entry mat at all doorways. The mat prevents you from bringing in particles that would otherwise stain or even worse scratch your floors. All those little pieces of rocks, dirt, and sand result in a nasty scratch pattern on your floor. Do the right thing use a welcome mat.

Make sure your kids use a mat and make sure that you don’t let your pets inside before wiping down their paws. An additional 10 seconds at the door will save you thousands in the long run.  


Pet spills can damage your flooring


This is a super simple step, as soon as a spill happens (and it will) wipe it up ASAP and you should be good to go. Pet urine will seep into your hardwood, so will juice, and even plain water. Any type of spill colored or not if not wiped up right away will be devastating. 

Laminate flooring is also susceptible to water damage and will buckle and warp with even minimal water exposure over a prolonged period of time. 

Carpet is also very susceptible to water damage and will stain easily with the presence of any liquid (colored or not). 

Any type of moisture can result in lasting damage. Most flooring materials are not water resistant and will not survive prolonged periods of exposure. Hardwood & carpet demand extra careful attention in wet areas. Make sure to place a mat underneath pet water and food bowls to catch spillage as well as simply pay attention to high risk areas and find ways to prevent damage. 



Most manufacturers have recommended upkeep intervals, keeping up with those recommendations and performing all of the necessary maintenance is a fool proof way of getting the longest possible life from your floors. 

Maintenance items such as a carpet deep clean, a hardwood refinish or polish, a tile polish, etc. These items must be performed in accordance with manufacturer timescales to ensure the longest possible lasting floors. As an example carpet must be deep cleaned at least once every 12 months, and hardwood should be refinished every 10 years. Don’t forget all of the things that you must do on a weekly basis as well. Such as vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping. 

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We hope this post was helpful. Remember that the best thing you can do is pay attention to things that damage your floors and work towards eliminating them. 


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