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Stone Countertop Installation & Material Warranty


We are glad you have chosen Divine Hardwood & Stone for your stone countertop project in order to ensure that you are aware of our warranty information and know how to properly care for the product that we have installed or will be installing please read the following information carefully. We provide detailed instructions how to care for various types granite, quartz, and marble materials that we sell and install so that you know if a product or installation malfunction is covered by warranty or if the damage that may result is because of improper care or use. 


Our warranty information and care instructions are meant to help you ensure that your stone countertops (regardless of the material) last for the maximum possible time in the best possible condition. 


Who: Our Divine Hardwood & Stone installation warranty on stone countertops covers the person/persons that originally purchased the material and installation, and only them. The warranty is non transferable if home ownership has changed or property is rented out to a tenant. 

What: Our Divine Hardwood & Stone installation warranty covers all stone labor provided by Divine Hardwood & Stone employees or sub-contractors. Installation labor must be clearly indicated on original invoice and all available customer to sales person correspondence must be evaluated to ensure that installation was performed to customer specification. 

We warrant our installation up to industry standards as well as manufacturer specifications. 


Length of warranty: On Installation services Divine Hardwood & Stone offers a limited warranty which is in effect up to one year after substantial completion of installation. 

On products Divine Hardwood & Stone offers manufacturer warranties which are separate from Divine Hardwood & Stone installation warranty and are subject to each individual manufacturers warranty terms and conditions. To see product warranty information please reference the appropriate manufacturers warranty (usually found on their site). 


What our Warranty DOES NOT Cover

Chips & Cracks: Although natural stone materials are durable and rarely chip or crack they are still prone to such damage. Chips and cracks in quartz, granite, or marble is rare and almost always a result of improper care from the homeowners side. Dropping heavy objects on the stone, dragging heavy or hard objects along the surface, or cleaning stone surface with abrasive/harsh chemicals that can cause etching and staining. Placing hot objects on top of cold or room temperature stone (above 300 f) will cause a misbalance in temperature which often leads to stone cracks.  

We DO NOT cover incidents that are a clear violation of care instructions provided by installation professionals or Divine Hardwood & Stone sales representative. Stone installation damages are only covered under warranty repair if stone was used under manufacturer recommended conditions. 

Improper In Home Conditions (environmental and physical): Divine Hardwood & Stone DOES NOT cover damage as a result of irregular extreme heat, radiant heat, or dirt, dust, and other harmful particle damage. We do NOT cover damage do to irregular issues such as foundation setting, indentations, cabinets not being level or damaged, and other damage caused by improper care, furniture movement, appliances, chairs, pets, spills, children, toys, etc. Damage as a result of maintenance and care that contradicts installer instructions. Any damages that indicate abuse or misuse of product or any damage that clearly is a result of a violation of care instructions found anywhere on www.divinehns.com or as instructed by installer, sales person, office manager, or manufacturer will not be covered by limited installation warranty. 

Any repairs, alterations, fixes, and work performed on stone installed by Divine Hardwood & Stone by someone other than a Divine Hardwood & Stone employee or sub-contractor working under direct supervision of Divine Hardwood & Stone representative voids installation warranty completely. If customer decides to repair countertop area using product other than the one originally used installation warranty is voided. 

Special or Unconventional Installation, Installation performed at customers request and initiative not originally agreed upon with Divine Hardwood & Stone or against a Divine Hardwood & Stone representatives advice will not be covered. Special Installation such as re-seaming, fabricating an additional edge, removing countertop, moving stone to new location, attempting to repair, buffing out a stain without consulting Divine Hardwood & Stone, installing any other stone material next to or adding additional countertop ti existing countertop installed by Divine, adding a stone backsplash, or adding a tile backsplash without consulting Divine Hardwood & Stone. Any of these alterations will not be honored and will void your installation warranty with Divine Hardwood & Stone. 


Damaged Products not reported or mentioned of right away

We advise customer to remain present during installation process to ensure that the stone material and fabrication or all edges and cutouts s is up to customer standards. If the customer finds a defect that does not meet specifications or standards and appears damaged or discolored it will be promptly reported to manufacturer representative for replacement. Divine Hardwood & Stone suggests that material must be inspected prior to installation and reported promptly and all completed work must be inspected by customer and if any dissatisfactions or damages are noticed must be reported within three calendar days of job completion. 

Stone although a stable product is still susceptibly to discoloration as a result of harmful chemicals, acids, bases, and often UV presence. This is a natural occurrence and does not call for a warranty replacement. Slight discoloration as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight is normal with all stone products. Check with product manufacturer on their individual product warranties regarding discoloration.


Odd Damages, Loss of Use, Indirect, & Consequential Damage

If your stone countertop needs to be replaced or redone according to warranty replacement losses damages and expenses relating to anything other than the countertop will not be covered. This includes hotel stays while repair is being done, as well as personal damages/costs that may arise while pursuing a quality issue, such as missed time from work, storage fees, kennel costs for pets, etc., are not covered. Flooring, cabinets, built in appliances, special sinks, cooktops, and other items may pose a difficulty with countertop repairs and will be investigated on a case by case situation to determine best plan of action for replacement. 


Maintaining your warranty

Follow the Pre-Installation Requirements and Care Instructions found below and in certain posts on our company blog. 


A common misconception is that granite/quartz countertops are the “indestructible” materials. Granite indeed is a stone that is very durable, and quartz is a manmade material that is equally as durable. Both are difficult to stain and do not etch, chip, or crack as easily as some other materials. Darker granite stone material is the most durable since it is not as porous as lighter granite (you can feel this by running your fingers across a light or dark granite stone). Yet even these “indestructible” stones can be damaged and become irreparable. Which is why it is important to follow these tips. 

Daily Cleaning: Almost everyone already does a quick wipe down of their countertops during the evening clean (after a meal). Many though use damaging cleaners that are actually doing more harm to the material than good. For best results wipe down a granite countertop with a simple dry microfiber cloth to wipe up any dust, and then go over with a wet cloth. If you have a strain you are trying to get out use warm water and dish soap, nothing more is required. Steer clear of harsh chemicals such as windex, lemon/lime cleaners, anything acidic, anything with ammonia or bleach. Some may be using these cleaners on a daily basis and not realizing that it is eating away at the sealer and etching and staining the granite underneath. If you absolutely need to use a cleaner to get a tough spot out look for those that are safe for use with granite/quartz or your type of stone. 



Although Marble is not the best material for kitchen counters and we do not recommend it, many have been able to keep the stone in great shape and avoid all of the possible disasters that even a small spill could cause. If you are thinking of choosing marble or already have it we would like to warn you that you will need to be extra careful as well as maintain the stone daily. Marble is made of calcium carbonate and will etch as well as stain. Follow cleaning instructions as well as these tips to the tee for the best results. 

Daily maintenance: Similar to granite you will need to wipe down the counters daily, and will not have the luxury of waiting or not picking up a spill right away. Even a slight spill of any beverage will be soaked right in and has a high chance of leaving an ugly stain and if not an ugly stain will result in a small dull spot, a result of an area that was eaten away by the acid. Exactly like granite, do not use any harsh cleaners but rather use warm soapy water with a dish towel and then a dry absorbent towel to dry and polish the surface.


How to prevent Tile Damage

Reseal the stone: First of all make sure that your countertops were sealed to begin with. An unsealed countertop surface will soak in spills and cause stains. Periodically; every 10-15 years it is a good idea to reseal the stone counters as the sealing layer may have worn off. This is a fairly simple process you can even do yourself by purchasing a sealing liquid from a local Home Depot or Lowes store and following the manufacturers instructions. To check if your counters need a new layer of sealant (or if they are sealed at all) spill a few drops of water onto the surface (in a unnoticeable area) and leave for a few minutes. If the drops bead up your counters still have a good seal layer, if they are absorbed into the stone it is time to reseal. 4

Always use a cutting board: It may be inconvenient at times and many will argue that it doesn’t do much damage to the counters. No matter, it is always a good idea to use a cutting board because you will prevent any possible scratching from occurring and you can be certain nothing will spill out (example: tomato juice) and etch or stain the counters. 

Avoid extreme temperatures: Don’t place a hot pot or pan directly onto the stone always use a hot pad underneath. Although granite in general can take a hot pot or pan with no problem there is such a thing as thermal shock which may cause cracking even in granite and much more in other materials. Placing a pot or pan directly onto the stone will trap dirt/grit in between the two and when you move the pot/pan cause scratches in the surface. This will not happen the first time, but since we tend to use the same spot on the counter time after time both the heat and dirt particles will take their toll. 

Use mats: Don’t only use mats under hot pots and pans, also use mats under objects that are capable of scratching as these will also be used in the same exact spot time after time resulting in deep irreparable damage. 


Do Not Do This

Do not use any cleaners containing acid or bleach for any type of maintenance

Do not use any wax-based cleaners and oil-based detergents. 

Do not use harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or any scouring pads containing metal as they will most definitely scratch the tile surface.


What is covered? 

If any portion of installation that Divine Hardwood & Stone completes fails with respect to all above warranty information we will repair the incorrectly installed product section and will honor the warranty. Repairs must only be performed by original installation providers not someone else. You cannot hire a third party repair agent and charge Divine Hardwood & Stone for the repairs that is not honored or covered by our installation warranty. The repairs will be performed by the original installation provider or someone assigned by Divine Hardwood & Stone representative. Repairs must be performed during business hours additional requests or off business hours repairs will be charged an additional service fee. 

We do not guarantee availability or stock of replacement products. Divine Hardwood & Stone representatives will do the best to find a similar or exact product for repairs but we do not guarantee it. Customer agrees to accept reasonably similar product as a replacement or substitute. If additional materials are required to complete the repair customer is responsible to provide them at his/her own cost. We reserve the right to not accept warranty claims as well as investigate and validate all reported claims. We require an on site inspection of damages before making any decision on acceptance of claim by warranty repair. 


Need to file a claim? 

In order to file a claim with Divine Surface ensure that you have documentation (preferably invoice of job completion) if you do not we can still offer warranty repairs but will need to take additional steps for verification. 

Call or visit our store during regular business hours to file a claim. Call our office at (503) 234-7075 or visit our showroom location: 2715 SE 8th Ave Suite #100 Portland, OR 97202

We require all claims to be submitted within 60 days of original damage report. 


Terms and Conditions


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State or Province to Province. We maintain the exclusive right to alter the obligations and limitations of this warranty. This warranty does not restrict or limit the right of the Installation Provider to bring action against you for non-payment.

Warranty provided by Divine Surface Inc 2715 SE 8th Ave Suite #100 Portland, OR 97202